About Us

Hey Y'all, Welcome to Trinity Forge

About Trinity Forge

Trinity Forge has been a dream of mine for several years. Like many businesses, the idea has gone through several iterations and will more than likely continue to change as time marches on.


None of that tells you about us or what we do. Trinity Forge is a company of makers. We make stuff, it’s what we do. 

Our focus is on metal working, primarily forging and fabrication, but we also have some modest machine tool and wood working capability as well. We are somewhere in between an artisan business and a manufacturer of outdoor gear, rustic/industrial home wares and furniture. 

Our passions and inspirations are derived from the techniques, machinery, and processes of the past. Traditional smithing, fabrication, wood working, casting, and machining all have a place in what we hope to achieve here at Trinity Forge. 

This isn’t just a business for us, it is the path that we are following in order to pursue those passions and to share those passions with others.

There are two inspirations for using the word Trinity in our name. 

  1. The first is; The Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit, which forms the spiritual side of the company.
  2. The second inspiration comes from the way that three materials come together: metal, wood, and stone.

Built on Principle

What does it mean to be “Built on Principle”? Our principles are what guide us in our actions. We all have principles that we use to guide our lives and we decided as a company that we would base our company on these guiding principles.

These principles set a high standard for us as people and as a company and there are times when we can’t reach that standard, but with each passing day and with a lot of help from God, we get a little better than we were the day before.


We define honor as conducting ourselves in such a way so as to reflect good on ourselves. We don’t don’t do this for our own reputation but as representatives of Christ Jesus. As Christians, our behavior should reflect Christ and even though we fail, sometimes multiple times daily, we are committed to being a little more like Him everyday and seeking His forgiveness in those failings.


For us, Integrity is doing what is right no matter who is watching or even when no one is watching. It is important to us to do what is right to the best of our ability at all times. You never know who is watching and there is always some one watching.


Though we are a business, we are servants, maybe even more so because we are a business. We established this business to serve our community through the use of our God given talents and abilities. Service is at the heart of what we do. We achieve this through charity donations, volunteering, and through helping to teach others the art of the metal trades.

Vision: Our Dream For The Future.

Our vision is to become something bigger than a business. We want to create an organization of makers and create a place where our customers can step back to a time when craftsmanship, quality, and service mattered.

We want to be an organization of people whose passion is to be a maker of things to the best of their ability, and continue to grow those abilities. We will have metal smiths, wood workers, and potters all working to produce our wares as well as to help the customers dreams and ideas come to fruition.

The vision grows into a bit of a dream at this point. 

Trinity Forge will be a step back in time for those that visit us. I’m going to walk you through the dream. So follow along if you will…

This building is like something from the past:

Imagine walking into an old brick general merchandise store. The shelves lined with the items that Trinity Forge produces along with a section where local craftsman and artisans can sell their wares. 

In the center of the store is the counter where there is a smiling and helpful person to greet you and answer any questions that you may have or to just have a friendly conversation.

As you walk to the back of the store, you come to a set of stairs that leads up to an observation area. The observation area looks out over the shop so that you can see the artisans and craftsmen at work in their trade.

You see a blacksmith shop, machine shop, and wood working shop. You also see a potterer and her wood fired pottery kiln, as well as a cupola furnace for melting iron and bronze… 

Some of the machine shop, wood working shop, and pottery machinery would be belt driven, powered by a steam engine with steam supplied by a wood fired boiler, and the pottery fired in a wood burning kiln. 

All this would be working together in this old brick building, one that could have been previously used as a manufacturing company. All of this beautiful, classical work would be visible from the elevated observation area.

It’s a beautiful sight… It is a beautiful dream…

This may not even be rooted in reality but it would be an awesome thing to see.

How do we get there? Is it even possible? It is at the very least a long term goal if it is even possible, especially since we are starting with such a modest product line. 

However, (God Willing) our capabilities and abilities will grow as will our product line and perhaps in time, we can bring this dream to life.

Follow along with us as we grow through this process. I hope to stand with you overlooking it all from the observation area.

In Service and Support

Part of our commitment to service is to help organizations that help others.
A portion of our profits are donated to these five organizations.

Deliver Fund

Committed to the elimination of human trafficking. This organization is composed of former special operations personnel, former CIA personnel, former law enforcement personnel, and tech savvy individuals.

Mercy Ships

A Christian medical organization that serves Africa regardless of the systems of belief of their patients. Mercy Ships is the largest, privately owned hospital ship in the world.

Team 5 Foundation

Medical mission that serves people in the most remote areas of the world.

Special Operations Warrior Foundation

Serves wounded Special Operations warriors and the families of the fallen Special Operations warriors.

Mike Rowe Works

Provides scholarships to high schoolers that want to learn a trade.