Trinity Forge Steel Products

We Make Steel Stuff that Lasts.

We are a Company of Makers.

Our inspiration comes from the techniques, machinery, and processes of an era lost in the past. Traditional smithing, fabrication, wood working, casting, and machining all have a home at Trinity Forge and in the products we create.
This isn’t a business. It’s a passion. (Well, it is a business too, I suppose).

Cutting Board

Inside Steel

A variety of durable Georgia forged steel and wood products for use throughout your home.

Fire Pot Steel

Outside Steel

Upgrade your outdoor vibes with darn-near-indestructible and purpose-built products.

Kitchen Shelf Strong

Storage Steel

This ain’t Ikea. We built these storage units to last. Best of all, minimal assembly required.

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One Thing About Me... I Like to Ask "Why?"

Why do we do what we do? For me, the answer is simple:

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a company of makers, and become an organization whose passion is to be makers of things to the best of their ability and to grow in those abilities every day.

Our Inspiration

There are two inspirations for using "Trinity" in our name. The first: The Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. The second: The three materials that make up what we do: metal, wood, and stone.

Supported Groups

Our commitment is to help organizations that help others. A portion of our profits are donated to five organizations. Check them out to learn more about what they do and who they serve.

Featured Creation

This is the last kitchen storage shelf you will ever need.
Built from strong red oak, steel, and iron, your heavy duty kitchen wares will have a safe and sturdy home for a lifetime. Let’s return to the era of passing down indestructible furniture to our children! Also, no, you don’t have to season the shelf like a cast iron pan… It’s not always about seasoning… Or is it?

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