Services & Equipment

Our shop is humble, well equipped, and highly capable.

Local Welding, Repairs, & Fabrication

We offer mobile welding and repair for commercial and industrial applications in the Temple, Georgia area. The equipment used for these services is a combination of portable MIG welding and semi-portable TIG welding, as well as rental equipment as required.

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In-House Equipment

We are ready for just about anything:

New Big Blue Anvil

The Anvil

We have two anvils, one that is 300 lbs and another that is 265 lbs.

Coal Fired Forge

Coal Forge

Our coal forge is a traditional forge and has a hand operated blower.

Gas Forge

Gas Forge

Our gas forge is a Pro-forge brand. This two port forge is fast & efficient.



13″ x 32″ lathe with 3 jaw, 4 jaw, and 5c collet chucks.

Welding Torch

Oxy-Acetylene Cutting/Welding torch

Standard cutting & welding system. This is set on a cart so it is portable.

Horizontal Band Saw

Horizontal Bandsaw

Precision metal cutting at its finest. Perfect for custom fabrication.

Other Equipment & Tools

We have the standard hand tools that most shops would have plus a variety of hammers and tongs used in forging.

Mobile Welding/Repair Equipment

Miller Maxstar

Miller Maxstar 161 TIG Welder

This ‘best in class’ portable welder goes with me for every mobile welding job. It features a hot-start mode to prevent sticky electrodes.

Miller Mig Welder

Miller 211 MIG Welder 1 Phase, 60 HZ

Capable and portable MIG and flux core welder. We also have an aluminum spool gun, which gives us some Aluminum MIG capability.

Lincoln 175 Square Wave Welder

Lincoln 175 Square Wave TIG welder

Our Lincoln TIG welder is a portable unit that is capable of TIG welding aluminum as well as steel and stainless steel.

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