Random Places

Some cool stuff that we've come across in our travels.

American Flag

A Forgotten Forest Patriot

I found this on a hike. I was a mile from any roads, back in a local Wildlife Management Area. I believe that most things tell a story and I wonder what the story is about how this flag was placed here.

Gear box thing in the woods

A Gold Mine... From the Past

My son and I found this thing out in the woods during a fishing trip. The area where we went fishing was, at one time, mined for gold. There are several old mines around that area and some evidence that hydraulic mining was used as well as more traditional mining practices. I did a little research on this this and found that it was a rock crusher, which makes sense considering all the large amount of quartz laying around. It’s interesting what you can find when you get off the path and look around.

Old Barn

Cajun Village in Sorento, Louisiana

Lots of old buildings featuring antiques and merchants. It sort of reminds me of the dream

Ajax Portable Steam Engine

Tallapoosa, GA.
It would be hard to tell that Tallapoosa Ga was once a fairly large manufacturing town. There was a glass works, stove manufacturer, and blast furnace in operation at the turn of the 20th century. On display near the center of town is this portable steam engine. The Ajax boiler and engine are mounted together and was used for all kinds of things. They could be used to operate anything that was belt driven and back in the day when these machines were in operation, everything from hay bailers and threshing machines to machine shops and factories. This particular engine was used to run a sawmill and a shingle mill on a farm.

Nora Mills and Granary

My wife and I spent a Sunday in Helen Georgia. We stopped by Nora Mills, right outside of Helen, to check it out and see what there was to see. The mill was built in the 1870’s and still runs to this day. They grind several different grains on the water powered stone grinding wheels. It’s as though you are stepping back to a simpler time.

If you are ever around Helen Georgia, stop by the mill and check it out. They sell what they grind as well as other things made by the locals. Its well worth the stop.

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