Custom Brazier


Braziers have been around for a really long time, mentioned in the Book of Jeremiah (627ish BC). They were used for cooking and for heating. Some hung from a tripod and some were built on stands, much like our modern day charcoal grills.

Our brazier is built so that it can be easily disassembled and set up wherever you like. The fire pot itself is 3/16 inch thick and made from a pressure vessel tank head, so it can stand up to time and to the weather and will bring many years of enjoyment to your back yard gatherings.

These are built to order so please be patient when ordering. They take us about a week to produce depending on availability of the fire pot and must be shipped by freight.

Shipping Notice

Due to the large and heavy nature of this product, and the current fuel price situation, we will have to quote shipping at the time of request. Please send us a message if you’re interested.

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