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Wake up Call? More Questions?

My attempt in what I write is usually to share things that I find interesting that will help to establish a vision of what my business is supposed to be about; however, at the moment I am questioning if what I want is even possible anymore.

Is our nation so far gone that we cannot go back to things that made us what we were?

Do we have to be completely destroyed before the past can have a chance at being restored?

Tanks being built ww2

Mar-a-Lago. August 8th 2022

I started the day all fired up to get some stuff built but that changed after seeing the news about Trump’s house being raided last night. Now, I was a Trump voter but I’m no Trump fan. He’s just a dude in my opinion and is not to be worshipped as he has been but the fact that this occurred has really messed with my head this morning.

Between the store shelves starting to become more bare and the never ending stream of bad news being caused by Washington and the evil that they support, I’m more than a little concerned about the not so distant future.

I build expensive hand made things that will only appeal to a relatively small portion of the market. That was intentional on my part at the founding of this business but as the entire world is quickly growing darker, I find myself at a crossroads. I am questioning if I need to head in a different direction, but which direction to head in?

Planes being built ww2

Do I Go Back? Questions.

Do I go back to sea in the oil field as a more stable path while continuing to grow shop capability and financial security for my family and pray for their safety while I’m gone?

Do I continue to try and do what I have been doing and trust that God will provide enough work to keep this venture going? Do I change paths and go into mobile repair work? Or do I change the products that I build into something that is more needed? What is the path that I should take? On what path would God expect me to go? How does faith play into this scenario?

I started this business as a way to bring people together. That was one of my goals. To try and bring some happiness in this world but as we move forward in time, I have to wonder if we are entering into a time when we must “beat your plowshares into swords” and when we must get ready for survival and for a fight.

Prepping to be a Prepper?

I have always been into outdoor survival and have ideas of things to build that would work in the camper/prepper/survivalist world and perhaps it is time to pursue this new idea and direction and once all the fighting is over, assuming we survive, then there would be a chance to rebuild and bring forth the things and goals that I wanted to bring forth in the beginning.

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