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It’s been a while since I got on my soapbox, so I decided that today is the day that I would pull it out, dust it off, climb up on it. It’s time to run my mouth, well, my fingers at least.

Look, just read my words with a deep, booming, manly voice that has an intelligent sounding southern accent, kinda like Morgan Freeman but “more good-er”.

The State of the Nation

We all know the state of the nation and the state of the world. We see it at the store and we see it at the gas pump. A lot of times it can feel hopeless and it can feel like we don’t have any power over what is going on. I guess that to some degree, we don’t. But there are choices everyday that we can make that will make an improvement, one small step at a time while raising the middle finger in defiance to those that are causing our problems.

Buy local, buy local made, and buy from the mom and pop companies, where they still exist. The nation was founded on a lot of small companies doing small things that in totality equaled big things.

The local shops that buy from local suppliers, who in turn use locally sourced materials will have an enormous impact over time. That’s the beauty of the #paralleleconomy. We grow something organic, real, and interesting right alongside the big box store woke economy, which will fail. It will fail because it’s boring. It’s anti-American. It lacks principle, is driven only by profit and not community.

Ultimately, it will fail because it just plain ole’ sucks and if there isn’t something awesome to replace it with, then we will fail as well.

Now… The problem with buying from the mom and pop stores and the local businesses is that they are usually more expensive and they may not even exist anymore. Home Depot wiped out the local hardware stores and Walmart wiped out the local general stores and local grocers.

Price Versus Cost

People will shop on price without thinking about anything more than price and not the cost. There is a cost to shopping at the large stores and the cost has been the destruction of Main Street USA. To a certain degree, we have to shop at these stores because of personal and family economics and because the small guys simply don’t exist anymore. I get it. I have to do this as well even though I hate it. The interwebz has made the world a smaller place and we can find the companies that support what we believe and in a way, this is the digital variation of Main Street, USA.

Hey come to think of it (SQUIRREL!!)… there might be something to develop in that idea.

The way that we grow the parallel economy is one step at a time. The way that we rebuild Main Street USA is one purchase at a time. The destruction of Main Street has been going on since the 1950’s, so it will take time to fix it, but it can be done and it must be done if we are ever going to make the changes that we want to see.

Ok. I’m getting off the soapbox for now… Y’all have a blessed day.

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