Army Parachute

Putting it off.

In a few years, I’m thinking about…

I was doing a little training for a long range competition. While doing a little “running”, I over heard two guys talking. One guy, the county worker in whose charge the park was placed, the other guy was some kind of sky diving instructor or something. I’m not sure what he was doing there with his parachute but there he was nonetheless. The parachute guy attracted the attention of the county worker. Well he caught the attention of everyone there, all three of us.

I over heard the county guy telling the parachute guy, “in a few years I’m thinking about…”. That is really all that I heard. I couldn’t hear what else was being said and in all honesty, it was all that I needed to hear (especially since their conversation wasn’t any of my business in the first place). I realized that this was the same thing that I had been saying.

I had been telling myself that “if a few years, I’m thinking about…”Truth of the matter is that the phrase “in a few years, I’m thinking about…” is an excuse. It’s just something that we say to make ourselves feel better about not actually doing the thing that we want to do.

This business has been an idea that I’ve had for several years and I had been putting off so I decided to take a chance, step out, and see what happens. So here we are…

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