Garden Transplanter in the Shop

Pricing – Built to Endure

I’ve caught a little flak over the couple of years that I’ve been in bidness because of my pricing and I get it. What I build is expensive and it is expensive for a couple of reasons.

First and foremost is that I want to buy a M4 Sherman tank and those cost a lot of money… Just kidding, well… I’m not really kidding. I do want a Sherman tank but that’s not why my pricing is high. My prices are high because I build things to last and I use as many American made materials as I can get my hands on, not to mention that what I build is mostly handmade, which in itself has a cost.

My fire pits are at least twice as expensive as one that comes from a “big box store”. They are also the last one that you will ever buy.

Large Fire Pot
Our Large Fire Pot

The closest Chinese equivalent to what I build is around $300, and will burn out in a couple of years and have to be replaced and then at that point, a person will have spent the same amount of money and kept something from taking up space in a landfill.

Our new category of gardening tools are not only durable, they’re something that can be passed down for generations, an heirloom tool, so-to-speak. This is much better than a throw-away shovel from ‘Insert Big Box Name Here’!

All American Steel Soil Scoops
Our Big and Mini Steel Soil Scoops

Somewhere along the line we have traded craftsmanship and capitalism for consumerism and there is a price to be paid for that trade off. The trade off is the loss of industrial capability, which then makes things cost more because there are fewer people to ‘make the stuff’ that we buy and the materials to make the stuff that we buy and on and on it goes…

I have heard it said that Americans know the price of everything but not the cost. Consumerism has cost us our industrial base and it has cost us our craftsmen. It has hollowed out the only sector of the economy that actually produces wealth and can help a person go from being dirt poor to building a brighter future for their family.

By choosing to buy something from a local craftsman, you are helping to build the parallel economy and really, this is the only peaceful way that we can make things better in this country, by choosing to spend our hard earned dollars with our local artisans, craftsmen, farmers, and business folks.

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