Bring Manufacturing Back to America

Bring Manufacturing Back

Our dependence on China for our manufacturing is a form of economic warfare. They “make” stuff that is garbage and sell it at a profit loss just so they can wreck our manufacturing base. A nation without a manufacturing base is easier to defeat in war. WW2 was won through manufacturing as have all wars. There will be war with China and Russia and there is a fair chance that it happens somewhat on our own soil. It’s coming.

Britain waged the same economic war on this country right after the Revolution and then the War of 1812 happened. That is the cost associated with the demise of our industries at the cost of profits. And since we are in the middle of a communist take over, our industries will be under further assault until the actual shooting starts.

Buy local made stuff. Buy American made stuff. It’s imperative that we have manufacturing capability and every bit that we can save is crucial. Singer, the sewing machine people, made 1911s during WW2, so if you have the means, then start building and selling stuff. Doesn’t matter what, just start building. The needs will dictate what thing to build, but you have to start.

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